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Insurance Claims Specialists (ICS) is a public insurance adjusting group, handling property claims for the general public.  We help Joe Public in affecting full insurance coverage.   When a claim happens, you are suddenly the opponent of your insurance company.  Your insurance company does not want to pay you any more than they have to.  They will often bumble and stumble and confuse the situation and make a much less than reasonable offer to satisfy the claim.  We help even that playing field simply by having your best interest in mind; approaching the situation with integrity; helping you with the best resources to get a fair settlement.  Our customers are often surprised at how much of a difference that amount is.  The insurance company often acts surprised too -- surprised to find out what coverage and costs are "really" due.

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The Value of Working With a Public Adjuster

by The American Association of Public Insurance Adjusterss

Residential – Commercial – Aviation – Marine

Water – Fire – Storm/Hurricane Damage

Theft/Vandalism – Mold – Sinkhole

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Steve has a base in Monticello, FL and is always available to help a neighbor. 

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